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1.  How do I know if this trip is considered official state business? 

Please refer to the policies.

2.  How do I cancel a reservation? 

Go to "my schedule" click on red x next to reservation you wish to cancel, give reason for cancellation, and "submit".  Remember, you will be charged if it isn't 24 hours notice.

3.   I am part of a Registered Student Organization, are we authorized to use Illinois State University vehicles?  

Please check out specifications on the Dean of Students website. Click on use of University Vehicles.

If you still have questions feel free to contact Facilities Fleet at 438-2038  If I am an undergrad or a volunteer am I allowed to drive Illinois State University vehicles? 

Yes, please download and complete the special users form including the signature block.  Please bring this with you when you come to pick up your vehicle.

For your convenience we offer the special users form two ways. You can print the hardcopy, complete it by hand, and then bring it with you or you can input user information by computer, print and bring with you.  Either way remember this form needs to be completed, have a Departmental signature and a Vice President or designee signature.

5.  If my trip starts early in the morning, or I will be returning late at night. May I take the vehicle home and leave from home, or bring it back first thing in the morning? 

Commuting to and from home is not permitted.  Please ask the Customer Service staff for any exceptions.

6.  I use different grant accounts frequently, am I able to change them for various trips? 

Yes, simply type them in the account field.

7.  What format should the account number be in? 

It should be the 25 character datatel number in this format:  xxxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx.

9.  Do I need to register each driver I request vehicles for? 





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