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Vehicle Rates and Policies to Note

Mileage reporting is required by the driver

Rates include fuel

Additional cleaning fees may be assessed by garage personnel

Cancellation fee: Cancellations must be made before noon of the day BEFORE travel to avoid a $50 charge. Reservation start date will not be changed if Facilities is not informed 24 hours in advance.   

Late fee: A $50 fee will be assessed if your office fails to notify our office that you need an extension on your reservation and if it is not given at least 24 hours in advance. A late penalty of $50 will be accessed if prior notice of a late return is not given.  If it is after hours please call ISU police department at (309)438-8631


Student authorization forms are required for all undergraduate students driving University vehicles.


o   These forms are filled out by both the department and the student driver and are required to be submitted to Facilities Management a minimum of one week prior to the trip. 


o   Student authorization forms of all potential drivers must be provided in advance.


o   Each person will then be approved as a driver when the physical license is presented to the Facilities Management office


 All training certifications must be completed at least two weeks before the departure date. 


Snow Day Regulations:  If Illinois State University is closed due to an official University Administrative Closure for Severe Weather, the Facilities Department will be closed and University rental fleet vehicles may not be utilized.

Rental Rates

Effective July 1, 2014

Fiscal Year 2015























ISU Fleet vehicles are available to faculty, staff, and students for use on official Illinois State University travel billed to departmental or student organization accounts. All student drivers require additional departmental and /or Student Activities approval. Approval forms can be printed from the fleet reservation website (ilstu.agilefleet.com) or can be e-mailed to you by the customer service staff (request sent to fleetandbuses@ilstu.edu). All drivers must present a valid U.S. or international driver's  license in order to secure a vehicle from the ISU fleet.

Daily rental rates include all gasoline and service within the continental United States.

Departments are responsible for payment in the event of a chargeable loss due to damage resulting from the use of a vehicle.  If a driver has two accidents within 12 months using a university vehicle, completion of a defensive driving course (at the drivers expense) is required in order to use university vehicles again.  Risk Management administers the insurance program. All accidents and vehicle damage must be reported immediately or as soon as practical. Please refer to the website for the Office of Risk Management for additional details about vehicle risk coverage.

RESERVATIONS: Daily rental reservations may be requested by completing a reservation form on the ISU fleet reservation website. In the event we do not have a vehicle available, arrangements will be made with a local rental agency.

Reservations are required to be submitted 1 WEEK prior to pick up date for any reservations longer than 2 weeks.  Facilities Management policy for request approvals will not be guaranteed if the request does not meet this requirement.  This is due to safety liability.  Facilities Management and Fleet Services strive to protect our employees and students and provide a safe and reliable vehicle for your transportation.  We need to ensure the vehicle is in safe conditions and has been fully inspected by the garage attendants before being dispatched out.  There are no exceptions for these requirements.

Requests must list all drivers, passengers, and a thorough description of use.  Please include a detailed itinerary for reservations longer than 2 weeks at the point of request. 

If additional drivers or additional itinerary details need to be added, a change request can be submitted through the agile fleet webpage. 

If an additional driver is added AFTER pick up, the change request will not be approved until license is shown to a customer service representative. 

You can also send a list of passengers with their titles (undergrad, grad, and faculty/staff) to fleetandbuses@ilstu.edu. 

 The above information is required by risk management for the safety of your employees and students to verify the state insurance coverage in case of accident.

All traffic violations and citations are the sole responsibility of the driver


Mileage reporting is required by the driver: Please turn travel sheet in to Facilities Management Customer Service team or in either of the 2 drop boxes located on our site.  Facilities Management will not be responsible for overage of charges if a travel sheet is not turned in.  No appeals will be accepted due to lack of travel sheet and signature.  The travel sheet is PROOF of mileage and the only documentation for the appeal process.


For reservations over a month long, the department and employees responsible for driving are responsible for e-mailing fleetandbuses@ilstu.edu the mileage on the 1st of EVERY month.  We require this information to keep track of the vehicles mileage, condition and safety.


Also, for reservations lasting more than a month, every time filling the vehicle up with fuel at the fleet garage please see a garage attendant to do a quick inspection of the vehicle.  Office hours for the garage are 7:00am-4:00pm Monday Friday.


Failure to comply with these rules and requirements will result in revoking of driver and vehicle privileges.

Additional cleaning fees may be assessed by garage personnel if vehicle is not cleaned out.  A garbage receptacle is located in the fleet lot by the Fleet vehicle drop box.

LATE RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS: If a late return is anticipated, contact the fleet dispatcher immediately (309)438-2038.  A late penalty of $50 will be accessed if prior notice of a late return is not given. Cancellations must be made before noon of the day before travel to avoid a $50 charge. Vehicle charges are computed per calendar day.  Mileage must be recorded by the driver and returned to the office with the keys.

OFFICE & GARAGE HOURS: The Customer Service office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Garage facility is open 7:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the week. Vehicles may be released during any of these hours. Keys may be picked up in advance of the vehicle if the travel is scheduled to begin at a time customer service personnel are not available.(1 - 2 Days with prior approval by Facilities Fleet Personnel)

SEAT BELT USE: Illinois State University policy requires the use of passenger restraints in all vehicles in which they are provided. Vehicles are also equipped with passenger, driver, and side air bags, but these are NOT substitutes for lap and shoulder belts. Be SAFE! BUCKLE UP!

SMOKING IN VEHICLES: Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in University vehicles. Violations may be subject to discipline and additional clean up charges by the garage.

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