Vehicle Use


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1.  Am I responsible for tolls?

IPASS transponders are installed in our rental fleet vehicles. You are responsible for any tolls where IPASS is not accepted.

2. Do I pay for fuel and then get reimbursed?

No, you are supplied with a WEX fuel card during your trip. Set up a driver's ID pin in our office, and that will be the card you use FOR FUEL AND EMERGENCIES ONLY.

3.  How do I cancel a reservation? 

Go to "my schedule" click on red x next to reservation you wish to cancel, give reason for cancellation, and "submit".  Remember, you will be charged if it isn't 24 hours notice. You will need to contact our office for any cancellations made AFTER 24 hour cancellation window has passed.

4. The scheduled pick up time for my vehicle is outside of your office hours. How do I pick up my vehicle if the office is closed when I plan to depart?

Access to the fleet vehicles is always available. As long as you pick up the keys and travel sheet during our office hours, you can come back and pick up your vehicle at the scheduled time.

5. I forgot to pick up my keys for a reservation, and the office is closed. What do I do?

If you are departing on a weekend and forgot to pick up your keys for a reservation outside of our office hours, please contact ISU PD at 438-8631. They will contact someone in our office to assist you. Please note our policy states there is a $50.00 call in fee for any staff assistance outside of office hours.

6. If I am an undergrad or a volunteer am I allowed to drive Illinois State University vehicles? 

Yes, please download and complete the special users form including the signature block.  Please bring this with you when you come to pick up your vehicle.

For your convenience we offer the special users form two ways. You can print the hard copy, complete it by hand, and then bring it with you or you can input user information by computer, print and bring with you.  Either way remember this form needs to be completed, have a Departmental signature and a Vice President or designee signature.

7.  May I take my vehicle home/park it at my house overnight?

Commuting to and from home is not permitted.  

8. Can someone not affiliated with ISU accompany me in the vehicle?

Passengers not affiliated with ISU can only ride if they are traveling with you for the purpose of the trip. There are not many instances where family is allowed to travel. If you have questions regarding your non ISU passenger, please contact our office.


1.  I use different grant accounts frequently, am I able to change them for various trips? 

Yes, simply type them in the account field.

2.  What format should the account number be in? 

It should be the 25 character Datatel number in this format:  xxxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx.

3.  Do I need to register each driver I request vehicles for? 


4. I can't find the driver I am trying to make a reservation for.

If you can't find a driver, they most likely are not registered in our system. They will need to set up a user profile before you can select them.

5. Can I view the completed charges for reservations I have made?

Yes! Under the welcome page there is a "MY REPORTS" Tab. Select "COMPLETED RESERVATIONS."  Select the reservation ending period you want to view your reservations within. CHECK "MADE BY ME" box, and generate the report.

6. What is the policy on automobile coverage in a university vehicle?

You can find these policies, as well at what constitutes approved travel, in detail here.