Vehicle Use


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Mini Bus and Passenger Van Requirements

Training is required to drive the mini bus, mini school bus, or 12 passenger van. To request training, please email

 1.       Passenger Van Training

        Online training only, consisting of videos and a quiz.

        Certification is good for four years. 

2.     Mini Bus Training:

       Must complete the online portion of training as well as a minibus orientation at    

        our office. Orientation includes a driving test for the vehicle.Please contact to set up an appointment for the hands on

        training. Session is only required once, but additional orientation can be requested at

        any time. 

Registered Student Organizations

Historically, the state insurance policy has prohibited RSOs from utilizing university vehicles.  To better serve the needs of the RSOs, Risk Management, Facilities Management, and the Dean of Students Office have worked together to procure commercial insurance that would apply to the use of fleet vehicles by university RSOs.

Vehicles covered by this insurance include selected vehicles from our fleet. RSO's are not permitted to use mini buses. Vehicles available to RSOs are limited and available on a first-come, first-served reservation basis. Also, departmental reservations in 12 passenger vans may be moved into different vehicles if RSO's require the specially insured 12 passenger vans in which they pay insurance for.

RSOs must complete the RSO Tranportation request and submit to Fleet Services and the Dean of Students office no later than two weeks in advance of the anticipated travel. You can submit after this date, however availability and approval of the vehicles may be limited. You can complete a RSO Transportation Request here.

Reservations will be accepted on a rolling 12-month period. 

Vehicles should be requested by the RSO advisor through the Agile Fleet Commander Reservation system.

All RSO drivers must:

(a)    be a member or advisor of the RSO that is requesting the vehicle.  The RSO must currently be registered and active on the Illinois State University campus.

(b)   be a currently enrolled ISU student or currently employed faculty or staff member at Illinois State University

(c)    be at least 20 years old

(d)   have a valid Illinois drivers license

(e)   sign a Drivers License Certification, Vehicle Usage Consent and Waiver (available from Parking and Transportation Fleet Services)

(fthe driver must obtain their own Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) from the State of Illinois driving facility, at the driver's/RSO's cost.  Waiver and MVR are required no later than 3 business days before the trip. 

Motor Vehicle Records must be verified by our office with the following criteria: Driver has had a valid license for three years since any driver's license suspension; driver has had no more than two at fault violations within the last eighteen months; and has not had DUI convictions within the last four years.

 Questions about RSO usage of university vehicles may be directed to the Student Involvement Center at 438-3212 or


Fleet Vehicles    


Parking and Transportation Fleet Services maintains a fleet of vehicles which are available to faculty/staff and registered student organizations which have funding with the Comptroller's Office. Fleet vehicles are to be used for official University business only. Only ISU funded accounts can be charged for the use of the vehicles. Charges vary by the type of vehicle used. 

Parking and Transportation Fleet Services also schedules the use of buses. School buses and charter buses are available. Buses are charged out at contract rates and can be submitted through the agile fleet request system for both quotes and bookings.

Vehicles Excluding Buses

Parking and Transportation Fleet Services attempts to accommodate travel on a first come first served basis. Reservations may be made on-line with the computerized fleet reservation system. Occasionally it is necessary to "bump" the reservation to a different type of vehicle due to a priority need.

The driver of the vehicle must possess and show a valid driver's license to procure a vehicle. Only persons who have shown their driver's license at Parking and Transportation Fleet Services for that particular trip are authorized to drive. Vehicles cannot be picked up early and taken to the user's home, or kept at the user's home after a trip. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all fines incurred while the vehicle is checked out.


Parking and Transportation Fleet Services has a contract for bus services. School buses and charter coaches are available. Generally there is no cancellation charge if the reservation is cancelled through Fleet Services more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the trip. For information on how to reserve a bus, contact Parking and Transportation Fleet Services at 438-2038.

Overview for Rental Rates

Various rental rates have been established for the use of fleet vehicles. For further information regarding rental rates and bus charters, call Parking and Transportation Fleet Services at 438-2038.

All users parking personal vehicle in the Fleet Services lot while using a rental vehicle must have a faculty/staff parking permit.  If the user does not have a faculty/staff permit, please see a customer service representative for a temporary permit.


University Vehicle Credit Card Use    

Gasoline and Oil Purchase

A Wright Express credit card is provided to the driver of a fleet vehicle. The credit card is to be used for purchasing gasoline for the vehicle while it is used away from campus.The credit ticket should list the fluids purchased and be signed by the driver. The credit receipt must be turned in with the keys when the trip has been completed. If no stations accept the credit card provided, pay for the services needed. Provide the receipt with your name, social security number and where you would like the reimbursement mailed.

Non-Approved Purchases

The Wright Express credit card is to be used for the purchase of gasoline only for the vehicle. In no case should the credit card be used to purchase food, snacks, souvenirs, etc. In the event that the card is used for non-approved purchases, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the cost of the purchase plus a service charge.

Emergency Repairs

Driver must notify the Parking and Transportation Fleet Services office of any accidents, malfunctions or changes in travel plans during the trip.  In event of an emergency repair, driver must have verbal authorization prior to repairing vehicle.  At this time credit cards may or may not be authorized for repairs. For after-hours emergencies, contact the ISU police department at (309) 438-8631. They can contact our office staff to assist you.